Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner Program -
To Enhance Your Skills and Amp Up Your Practice

According to these contemporary scientist practitioners, among others:

  • Daniel Amen, MD – neuroscientist (Change Your Brain, Change Your Body),
  • C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD – neurosurgeon (Energy Medicine),
  • Alissa Rankin, MD – integrative medicine physician (Mind Over Medicine), and
  • Bruce Lipton, PhD – stem cell biologist (Biology of Belief),

...when you remove toxins from your environment (negative thoughts, toxic emotions, artificial “foods”, noxious pollutants, detrimental energies, etc.) the body, mind, and spirit re-balance and heal in almost miraculous ways. So, it makes perfect sense, that as a result, nutrients are better assimilated, medications have fewer side effects and better results, chiropractic adjustments hold better, coaching goals can be achieved, chronic physical symptoms start to abate, mental conditions like depression lessen - among many other proven results.

And, for this reason, many Health and Wellness Practitioners are now incorporating Energy Therapy modalities into their practices to clear stuck toxic emotions in order to get better results in whatever they do with their clients or patients. So,...

  • If you’ve ever wanted to go deeper with your patients or clients in order to keep them well after a treatment
  • If you want to help them let go of their pain in effective and non-invasive ways – for the long term
  • If you’re seeking additional tools in your toolbox to improve your patient or clients’ well-being on more profound levels
  • If you’d like to help your patients or clients make dramatic life shifts more quickly and easily
  • If you choose to build your practice, raise your numbers, and work smarter - not harder
  • And, if you are interested in incorporating components of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine into your practice

Then learn powerful energy therapy techniques that will help you to enhance the lives and accelerate the healing of your patients or clients, and earn Certification to apply them in your practice.


Just think of it this way...

You are undoubtedly in a place where you’re relatively happy with the professional tools you have to help your patients or clients. You are probably happy with your results, except for those difficult cases of people who have deep emotional blockages and lingering chronic conditions.

But in the back of your mind you may be thinking that there HAS to be more that you can offer to all of those people who present to you with chronic discomfort, pain, dis-ease, re-curring negative cycles, self-sabotage. There has to be even more than you learn in your mandatory continuing education programs offered in your licensing discipline. With all of the breakthroughs in technology, scientific study, and new understandings of quantum mechanics and epigenetics, you may be searching for the pieces that will nicely enhance and fit into your practice.

Let me introduce you to Energy Therapy modalities that work, and guide you to integrate them into your ongoing practice, because...


I had you in mind when I developed the

Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner Program

I’ll guide you or your designated staff member to a place where you and your patients or clients can go beyond the emotional resistance that causes physical, mental, and emotional pain, and come out with a fuller, more complete healing experience.

And when this takes place you will both be better for it. Your patient or client will have an even deeper feeling of relief, and you’ll have a more profound sense of satisfaction, having now entered a new and exciting level of knowledge and skill.

Your services will be extended and your practice will become even more unique in the many ways that it serves your clients or patients. Because of this your practice will benefit as word of mouth, referrals, and repeat business will help you grow in profitability.

Some of the material in this program may be a review for you…

But many of the tools you’ll discover could also be a completely new skill set that you can add to your repertoire.

Click here to schedule a personal call with me for more information about what you or a designated staff assistant will learn and how it can fit into your life and practice.

Dr. Anne Merkel, Energy Psychologist and
Certified Health Practitioner

I bring to my Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification clients a vast experience from:


  • teaching in twenty colleges and universities, including four MBA programs;
  • directing an international training institute and the training & development departments of several large corporations;
  • consulting with hundreds of top corporations, governments, and organizations to support their conscious transformation; and
  • coaching thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, health practitioners, and executives;
  • pursuing over 30 years of on-going post-graduate training in and application of energy therapy modalities;
  • earning a Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP) credential; and
  • currently pursuing a second doctorate ND in Classical Naturopathy.

I love to share techniques, case studies, scientific information, self-study exercises in my many books, e-books, and other products and programs found at: http://arielagroup.com/products  and elsewhere on my multiple websites and blogs.

I invite you to become a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner (CETP) with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services for your own good and that of those who depend on you for support. [See the Disclosure and Disclaimer Statements at the bottom of the page.]

With the additional energy management tools that you will add to your practice:

  • You’ll have a new ability to guide your patients or clients to dissolve the emotional blockages in their lives, so they can reclaim their sense of wholistic wellness.
  • You’ll be able to show these individuals how to painlessly get beyond emotional resistance and stress in their daily lives.
  • You’ll help them to easily begin to let go of their symptoms and the root causes of their pain and resistance.
  • You’ll have a new, deeper understanding of Energy Therapy, Meridian Tapping techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other Energy Medicine approaches.
  • You’ll have resources that point out why Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine approaches work and how they can be adapted into your practice.
  • You’ll be more equipped to reach your full potential in your practice while supporting your clients or patients to stay well.
  • And, you will be able to flow freely forward in all aspects of your own life, having benefited from clearing your blocks with the same tools that you will share with those you treat in your practice.

You will receive these bonuses when you enroll:

Best Practices in Energy Management e-bookBonus Gift #1: Guide to Best Practices in Energy Management e-book which provides points on how to enhance the effectiveness of EFT and other energy therapy tools with your patients or clients and in your own life and practice.
(Valued at $15.00)

Cuztic Process Guide e-bookBonus Gift #2: Cuztic Resistance Clearing Process Guide e-book which describes my own easy-to-learn technique similar to EMDR, which neutralizes emotional charge that can wreak havoc as it also helps people to more easily make conscious decisions.
(Valued at $19.95)

Bonus Gift #3: EFT TAPshop Call Recordings that will enhance your understanding of energy psychology therapies, basic and N-hanced EFT, and energy management as it relates to you, your practice, your patients or clients.
(Valued at $140.00)

Flowing Forward e-bookBonus Gift #4: Flowing Forward with Energy Psychology for Practitioners e-book that will guide you through self-help exercises using energy therapy approaches to envision, plan, prioritize, and create the personal life and practice of your deepest desires, as it enhances your understanding of energy psychology, the basic EFT protocol, and energy management.
(Valued at $35.95)

And you will also receive:

- A full downloadable Practitioner Training Manual of notes, cases, articles, exercises. (Valued at $150)

- A collection of downloadable recordings for the entire program series of calls.

- 5-minute spot-coaching calls when conveniently scheduled.

- Limited direct support for your patients or clients, and the opportunity for supervision for energy psychology coaching sessions that you offer to them.

- An opportunity for open email access to me for the duration of the program.

- A printed Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner certificate, plus a certificate logo for your website or blog, plus a listing on the Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner page on the Ariela Group website with your contact information and links.

Here are the Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner program details:

Each week for six months you will either participate in a private one-on-one phone call with Dr. Anne Merkel or will receive specific recording(s) with the appropriate topic or training. For the three live calls per month, you will call in to a designated line to ensure recordability. We generally choose a specific day of the week and time that will be your regular appointment for the entire twenty-four week period. And you will receive recordings for the fourth week of each month that meet your own life or practice needs at that stage in your program.

In addition, on the first and third weeks of each month you will be invited to attend a group Mastermind call that will include advanced energy therapy applications and explanation. You will call in to a designated bridge line to connect with other callers for the live event. The live call day and time are set so you may schedule accordingly, and it is understandable if your busy practice schedule requires that you listen to the recording of these calls rather than attending the live sessions. For more information, go here.

You will have access to Dr. Merkel for personal, practice, and patient or client support by e-mail and phone throughout the program.

The investment for this Certified Practitioner program is $5850 for six months of personal and practice coaching support and energy therapy training. There is a monthly payment plan of $980 per month available to you.

Take your practice to new levels of achievement and skill.

Work with me and I’ll show you energy therapy techniques that will give you a competitive edge, more profitability, and more ways to present your skills to your patients or clients, as you let go of your own inner blocks to success.

This program is appropriate for you if you practice as a Chiropractor, Naturopathic or Osteopathic Physician, Medical Doctor, Mental Health or Body Therapist, Coach, Health & Wellness Practitioner, or EFT Practitioner – or your designated staff member – and you wish to go deeper in your practice with your clients or patients.

Click here to schedule a personal call with me or register below and let’s get started!

Here is what our clients and past participants are saying…

“It’s been a gigantic blessing to have had the opportunity to take the Energy Therapy Practitioners course with Anne. As an independent health care practitioner for 23 years, I was feeling a complete deficit of support and encouragement and Anne helped me on many levels to reignite my faith in my ability to experience something different. She helped me to clear deep energy blocks and realign with my gifts and passion. As a result, I now recognize a higher level of functioning and greater possibilities for my life, relationships and my healing practice. Anne’s commitment, support, and generosity far exceeded my expectations. She’s very balanced in her approach, blending a great deal of professionalism, compassion and intuitive “out of the box” guidance. I highly recommend Anne as a teacher and healer. Thank You, Anne!”
— L. Potteiger / Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist / Cazenovia, NY

“The EFT work that we did melted the blockage I was feeling surrounding my solar plexus area. It was truly like magic. I could literally feel this tension melt away like magic. With some mild skepticism I went about my day and night but have to tell you that I feel the freedom from that tension again today. I know that all that I desire can come to me now. I look forward to accepting the good things that the changes in my life have in store for me. Thank you for this wonderful gift!”
— P.B. / Artist / Escondido, CA

“Opportunities, insights, and breakthroughs available to me now are EFT and Anne Merkel. I am cramming as though I were a high school test taker. My business is picking up. After the sessions I feel light and excited.”
— T.T./ Addiction Coach/ San Jose, CA

“You have such a wide background in energy therapies and offer a wealth of information. Our discussion of how meridian points relate to organs and the storing of emotions was, of course, right up my EFT alley. I plan to follow up with further research. I especially appreciated your suggestions for ways to combine my writing and editing career with my energy healing endeavors. The fact that you've done a lot of writing and editing yourself was significant because your ideas were so spot on. Your coaching got me thinking outside the box. I'd definitely recommend you to anyone who would like more clarity and valuable support on life's path. Thank you again, Anne!”
— P.H. / Free Lance Editor, EFT Practitioner/ Minnesota, USA

“Our last session opened up a lot for me about patterns in my life which led to some amazing outcomes. The months I worked with you were some of the most stressful of my life; I'm glad I had those so that I could come to what's really most important to me and reassess what and who I want in my life. Thank you for your support during those very confusing months.”
— D.S./ Life Coach/ California, USA

“As for the session, I enjoyed it very much. I found Anne to be cordial and knowledgeable about EFT. Also, I had a one-on-one which was the catalyst for me to heal. I am no longer having breathing problems. I can only assume that it was because of the EFT that Anne led me through. I had a breathing test and it confirmed that the problem was anxiety. After, my one-on-one with Anne I learned to tap when I felt that I could not get a full breath. It is much more effective than the pills I was given for anxiety. Anne pointed out that when you are stressed it affects your weakest part which is my lungs since I get bronchitis whenever I get a cold. She also pointed out that I was dying in my job and in my marriage, and that was exactly right. I'm amazed that such a simple technique can be so powerful. I feel 200% better than I did one month ago. Thank you, Dr. Anne.”
— A.A. / Hypnotherapist/ Covington, Kentucky

“Thank you so much, Anne, for the coaching and for the other gifts you've shared. I feel so much more optimistic now. Already I'm experiencing the shift from the external world to my inner world! I'm feeling a "knowingness" about what feels right to me. I'd welcome your perspective given your business/spiritual sense of things. Another shift: I'm more clear that I'm meant to be a budding entrepreneur building a business. Certainly I've been taking action toward that goal. It's just that the salary from a non-profit organization falls short of what I'd like to be receiving in a money/energy transaction. Did I get that right? I'm yearning for more. With great appreciation for you sharing your gifts, doing what you love, and demonstrating abundance.”
— A.P./ Social Worker/ USA

“Many, many thanks for the session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got so much out of it. I found you to be very easy to work with, you developed good rapport, had excellent listening skills and used your intuition beautifully to target the right negative and positive phrases for me. It was a very powerful EFT session! I was tingling all over at the end of it & felt really energised and positive about my move. I am now looking forward to my move and don't have that sinking feeling any more. Even as I look around at the mess and boxes etc I feel really calm and excited! I know that this was more powerful than if I had just tapped by myself - like you said there is a special "power" and extra energy when working with someone else or a group. I also felt that I've shifted a lot of stuff from my previous negative moving experiences and relationships! My boyfriend has now asked me to do some tapping with him about the move! I also learned a new way of working with EFT - i.e. tapping on the same spot, repeating several different phrases before moving onto the next one. I am looking forward to trying that with my clients!”
— L.W. / EFT & Holistic Health Practitioner/ United Kingdom

“Having the time with you, watching you put together an EFT session that was specifically targeted to my needs, and then getting the clearing that came with the session - all of that together was just a huge answer/gift for me, and first and foremost I just want to acknowledge and bless you for your willingness to be there in that way. THANK YOU. Next up is that what we did is definitely showing results already. In between what we did and something else that showed up next that I'm pretty sure was available because of what we did, my consciousness has flipped from "I need it" to "I have it" just over the last few days. I'm doing the homework you gave me. The biggest thing is that I am just so much more here - relaxed and centered. You have definitely validated yourself with me as someone who has a dedication to thoroughness in what you do. I'm happy. Who knew?”
— K.N. / Engineer, Writer/ Napa Valley, CA

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