Free N-hanced EFT and Energy Therapy Resources

Coaching Products for Conscious Transformation

Dr. Anne Merkel, EFT Energy Therapist Coach, offers a variety of complimentary wholistic and EFT Energy Therapy resources for your conscious transformation. The free reports, guides, audio recordings listed here support consciousness, wellness, balance, and transformation in individuals and organizations. They provide easy-to-follow information and include explanations as well as techniques, exercises, and processes. The information included is relevant for individuals, managers, teams. We are happy to share our Coaching Alchemy free to you here in wholistic resource form!

Introduction to EFT audio & video recordings

These free instructional mp3 recordings and video introduce:

  • The concept of energy psychology therapy and EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique
  • The philosophies and techniques of Dr. Anne Merkel, EFT Energy Therapist Coach
  • The classic EFT process protocol, tapping points, and how to use EFT
  • Several sample EFT TAPshop sessions to clear specific life issues that show up for most people

Introduction to EFT for Coaches recordings

These free instructional audio mp3 recordings introduce:

  • Certified Coach Alchemist Anne Merkel, Ph.D., your facilitator
  • The benefits of EFT for Coaches to remove emotional and psychological barriers to their success
  • The benefits of EFT for Coaches to enhance their coaching practices
  • The benefits of EFT for Coaches’ clients in helping them to reach their goals and move beyond inner blockages to their success
  • Several EFT TAPshop session recordings to clear resistance around typical coach-related topics

Values Assessment For Goal-Setting

With N-hanced EFT

This two mp3 audio set with extensive e-workbook provides:

  • Introduction to the important role of your inner values in goal-setting
  • Values Assessment exercise to determine conflicting values, incongruencies, values based on negative emotional charge, values that create self-sabotage, and how to re-balance your values
  • Exercises to gauge the priority of each of your inner values to ascertain balance or blockage
  • Q & A with live TAPshop audience concerning why this is an important exercise and how to do it
  • Coaching guidance on how to apply EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique to balance your values, de-charge negative values, and become congruent with what you believe on a subconscious level
  • Easy-to-follow downloadable e-guide with information to coach you through the entire process


Conscious Right-Sizing BookConscious Right-Sizing: Enlightened Business Practices for the 21st Century

A white paper report by Dr. Anne Merkel

  • Provides insight into conscious right-sizing and re-engineering practices,
  • Cites results of three major employee satisfaction surveys of various industry employees conducted by Dr. Merkel,
  • Shares employee retention incentives,
  • Shares employee expectations of their leaders,
  • Provides an innovative way to orchestrate a lay-off that includes the employees in the planning process,
  • Provides other industry-specific and general information about employee retention, re-engineering, right-sizing issues that many corporations are currently facing.


Thank you for visiting our Free EFT Resource Center. We urge you to check our Cases and Articles pages (found in the upper dropdown menus on our web pages) for free reading on various subjects related to the services that we offer, and we invite you to take the opportunity to subscribe to our Conscious Living e-zine and Alchemist Anne blog, as well as check out our EFT Coaching tips.

The free e-books, reports, guides, audio recordings listed here supplement Ariela Group coaching, workshops, seminars, coach-the-coach training sessions, and other programs. They reflect the interest areas, approaches, and attitudes of Coach Alchemist Anne Merkel, Ph.D. Our Coaching Alchemy adapts to all audiences across all industries world-wide.

Additions to this section will be added regularly as we continue to provide new free wholistic and EFT products to help you lead a more successful, happy, and productive life. For more information about these and future free wholistic products for conscious transformation please contact us.

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