Energy Therapy & EFT Products and Whole Person Success & Wellness Coaching Services for Conscious Transformation

Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services offers wholistic energy therapy and N-hanced EFT products and services for your conscious transformation. The e-books, reports, guides, audio recordings listed here support consciousness, wholistic health, balance, and transformation in individuals and organizations. They provide easy-to-follow information and include explanations as well as techniques, exercises, and processes. The information included is relevant for individuals, physicians, coaches, therapists, managers, teams. We are happy to share our diverse line of products and services to meet your unique needs and budget!

Wholistic Energy Therapy & N-hanced EFT Self Study Products

  • Best Practices in Energy Management e-Guidebook
  • Flowing Forward with Energy Psychology – for Health & Wellness Practitioners
  • Personal Visioning e-Guidebook with EFT
  • Planning for Success e-Guidebook with EFT
  • Prioritizing & Goal-setting for Results e-Guidebook with EFT
  • Self Advancement Journal with EFT & Journal Worksheets
  • Seven Strategic Steps that Guarantee Your Success (mp3 recording)
  • Eight Strategic Actions That Speed Up Success (mp3 recording)
  • Success Series!! (2 mp3 motivational recordings)

  • Abundance Manual – Explanation + Examples + 17 EFT tapping sequences
  • Abundant Love Notes Package – Love e-Notes Workbook w/ mp3 recordings
  • Abundant Health Notes Package – Health e-Notes Workbook w/ 8 mp3 recordings
  • Abundant Wealth Notes Package – Wealth e-Notes Workbook w/ mp3 recordings
  • Clearing Blocks to Abundance Notes Package – e-Notes Workbook w/ 5 mp3 recordings
  • Abundant Living & Loving Program – 3 e-Notes Packages w/ mp3’s + Abundance Manual
  • Advanced Living & Loving Program – 4 e-Notes Packages w/ mp3’s + Abundance Manual + Personal Coaching Session


EFT Group Coaching Tele-Courses

  Bonus – EFT & Energy Therapy Group Tapping Series - Free Live Calls
  EFT TAPshop Intensive: 1 month - (4 mp3 recordings w/ notes – one per week)
  Self-Help EFT Energy Therapy Support Program: 3 months - (Personalized Coaching Session + 12 mp3 recorded calls w/ notes – one per week for 3 months)
  Advanced Energy Therapy Program for Practitioners: subscription - (2 live calls per month + mp3’s + notes)

Private Whole Person Success & Wellness Coaching Programs
with Dr. Anne Merkel

  Whole Person Coaching - Single Session
  Whole Person Coaching - One Month w/ N-hanced EFT (4 weekly sessions)
  Conscious Life Transformation Coaching Package (3 months w/ TAPshop Intensive)

Specialized Coaching Programs for Life and Business

(order these individually)

  Conscious Business Transformation & Executive Success (3 mos w/ TAPshop Intensive + strategy session)
  Conscious Business & Exec Maintenance (6 mos w/ TAPshop Intensive + 2 strategy sessions)

  Relief from Life Trauma Coaching Support (4+ sessions)
  Return from the Dark Night of the Soul Coaching Package (3 mos @ 4+ sessions/mo)
  Re-Creating a New Life after Dark Night of Soul (3 mos w/ TAPshop Intensive)

  Whole Person Coaching - One Month w/ N-hanced EFT (4 weekly sessions)
  Conscious Life Transformation Coaching Package (3 months w/ TAPshop Intensive)

  Going Deeper Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification Package (6 months of Personalized Coaching & Training w/ TAPshops)

  Ask us about our personalized packages to meet your needs & budget!

The wholistic products and coaching services listed here provide information, processes, techniques, exercises, and personalized support for a wide audience of clients world-wide. They reflect the interest areas, energy therapy and N-hanced EFT approaches, and attitudes of EFT Energy Therapist Coach Anne Merkel, Ph.D., and blend nicely with disciplines, approaches, studies shared by others. [Note the Statements at the bottom of this page.]

We are also happy to offer you Complimentary Energy Therapy and N-hanced EFT Resources in addition to those that are listed on this page. Among these free resources are e-reports and information-packed tele-class recordings and videos on various subjects including introduction trainings on applying EFT.

Access these complimentary resources here.

For more information about these and future wholistic products for conscious transformation please contact us.


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