My inner world has shifted to a higher vibration through the help of you, Anne. I no longer feel unsafe at every waking & sleeping moment & in between. I wake up with enjoying what will unfold & go to sleep with thanking my guides. So much toxic emotional, mental & physical loads have been cleared out. I am exhaling & breathing in happy. Seriously, when working on the tapping, I am amazed how deeeep wounded issues can shift & be gone.

— Kristen K, Salinas, CA

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Energy Therapy Tools for Energy Psychology Applications in
Conscious Transformation, Stress Relief, Reduction of Dis-ease

  • Physicians and scientific studies report that many who visit doctors with physical illness, pain, discomfort may be affected by charge from an emotional experience - in the present or past - that is stored in the body and triggers the pain.
  • Recent neuroscience studies point out that our human emotional response is physiologically based rather than psychologically based. This means that a physical focus on treating emotional charge rather than a psychological one can be very effective because the emotional charge is stored in the physical body.
  • Over twenty years ago Gary Craig and Dr. Scott Walker, originators of the EFT and NET techniques respectively, decided that both physical problems and psychological / behavioral issues could be cleared using tools that neutralize the emotional factors that can cause:
    • physical, emotional, psychological pain,
    • immune weakness and debilitating stress and dis-ease,
    • energetic blockages to wellness, success, happiness,
    • disruptive behavioral patterns, addictions, depression,
    • post traumatic stress syndrome,

among other blocks to optimum performance and peak health.



Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of psychological acupressure that uses a gentle tapping technique instead of needles to stimulate traditional acupuncture points. The EFT protocol balances the energy system and appears to aid psychological stress and physical pain relief. Restoring the balance of the energy system allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities. EFT is non-invasive and is easy to learn and apply for yourself.

EFT was developed in the early 1980’s by Gary Craig, based on the discoveries of Dr. John Diamond - a medical doctor and energy researcher; Dr. George Goodheart - a chiropractor and father of the field of Kinesiology; and Dr. Roger Callahan - a clinical psychologist. The work of these men revealed that emotional charge is stored in the body's energy system. When the energy system is cleared or balanced, the symptoms of this emotional charge disappears - usually permanently!

Neuro Emotional Technique is a mind-body stress reduction intervention aimed at improving behavioral and physical problems such as chronic injuries, pain, worry, anxiety, depression, addictions, etc. This technique has diagnostic aspects and requires a trained practitioner to facilitate. The NET client receives a complete wholistic analysis of what issue is causing pain, where it has been stored, and what other issues might be involved. Major life changes can occur in just one session without reliving the pain of emotional events.

NET is a more sophisticated diagnostic and energy treatment tool than EFT and is used by licensed health facilitators world-wide to first identify whether an issue is based on:

  1. emotions,
  2. toxins/ pollutants,
  3. biochemistry/ nutrition, or
  4. physical structure.

When this is identified, the NET protocol then addresses and is used to clear the emotional causes of physical, mental, emotional pain. This tool is utilized one-on-one in person.



N-hanced EFT is the perfect blend, with the ease of EFT coupled with the sophistication of NET. This is what I use in my practice with clients world-wide.

  • All clients are asked to fill in the on-line NET Wellness Check that provides information about where you are holding the issues in your body.
  • In person, I utilize the full NET protocol and teach you how to use EFT.
  • By phone, I use EFT plus a variety of added meridian tapping points, energy medicine procedures, and other energy psychology modalities to support your progress toward optimal health and well-being. The phone sessions are recorded for your benefit, providing you a tool with which to continue your work toward wellness, and I teach you to utilize EFT and other techniques on your own.

Wholistic Mind-Body Coaching Programs with N-hanced EFT for Conscious Living include:


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