Everything you have done before you reach this dark night will seem unimportant. It is what you do now that makes or breaks your heart’s desire.”

Mario Murillo / The Dark Night of the Soul

Energy Therapy Coaching Programs for Healing from the Trauma of Life Change and the “Dark Night of the Soul”

When you are stuck in the abyss of the “Dark Night of the Soul” because of deep loss, serious illness, dramatic life change, many tools are often needed to help you dissolve the emotion, shift the energetics, and clear the pain so that you can return to re-create a new life. In this very vulnerable emotional state, I endorse private one-on-one coaching first, and then group programs when you are strong enough to share with others.

Conscious Transformation Coaching with N-hanced EFT

Especially when you are suffering trauma you require a specially customized coaching program. For this reason I offer several coaching packages using energy therapy modalities that are tailored for your needs, emotional state, and budget.

Contact me for more information about our specialized Intensive Private Retreat and Health and Wellness programs!

Because I needed help and found it when I faced the Dark Night of the Soul in my life, I feel very strongly about offering specialized programs to support you as you experience the trauma of dramatic and often unexpected life change.

My coaching services incorporate Energy Therapy and Meridian based Tapping Techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Applied Kinesiology, Reiki among other potent processes to ensure that you can end your suffering painlessly and much more quickly than you would on your own without the specialized tools.

If you are not sure whether you belong in one of the above programs, then feel free to learn more about the Dark Night of the Soul and Life Change Trauma from my experience and from articles and cases.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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