Disease can be seen as a call for personal transformation through metamorphosis. It is a transition from the death of your old self into the birth of your new

- Tom O’Connor

CASES and ARTICLES about Traumatic Life Change

Most authorities on grieving, loss, “Dark Night of the Soul”, change trauma report that it takes people eight to ten years to recover from traumatic life change. Do you have that kind of time to spend in suffering?

In my own case, during the Dark Night of my Soul I added energy tools along the way and after five years I had completely transformed my life – for the better. I was lucky. I was motivated to change - to do it quickly and ruthlessly (I advise others to be more gentle!!) I was willing to accept new and powerful tools – and ready to use them on myself! Still, it was a long and agonizing five years of the hardest work I’ve ever done.

My passion now is to guide others like you who are experiencing what I went through, so that you do not have to suffer as much as I did, and so that it won’t take you as long to re-create your new life!

Real Life Cases of people in the Dark Night of the Soul – Who DID Return!

  • This savvy business woman risked everything in her new business and then it failed in the shaky economy. She was forced to watch her Mercedes Benz be re-possessed, her friends shunned her because they didn’t know what to say to her, she and her husband lost their home because they had borrowed against it to set up her business, and they had to leave the country to go live in a home abroad that they still possessed after their bankruptcy.
  • This person met the love of her life and he led her to believe that when she amicably ended her dysfunctional marriage they would be together. After two years the divorce was final and she moved to his city, whereupon he disappeared leaving her alone and feeling ashamed. She had to totally re-create her life from scratch – with no local contacts, friends, community, or work contacts. She now leads a charmed life.
  • This person succumbed to toxic poisoning in her workplace that left her almost helpless with environmental sensitivities and auto-immune depletion. She lost her job, her home, her abilities to live independently. After thirteen years she found the right tools in N- EFT to re-claim her life.
  • After years of trying to get pregnant this individual’s spouse asked for a divorce due to impotence. After losing his soul mate, within the same six months his best friend died, and then he lost his high-paying job. Soon after that his dad also died.
  • This high level manager lost her top level, high profile job during corporate re-engineering. She got divorced from her best friend and husband of many years, left her dream home to move to a strange city for a job, then was laid off because of government budget cuts after a few months, leaving her in a strange place all alone with no job and no friends nearby – all within a short time period. N- EFT tools helped her to re-create her life from the inside-out.

The Ariela Group offers support in many ways for you if you are wanting conscious transformation in your life – following a Dark Night of the Soul, or not. We are here to serve and guide you to clear the pain, suffering, trauma, and then re-create your new life - better in every way!

Articles About Life Change and Return from the Dark Night of the Soul:

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