It is with pleasure that I write to you with an update on my life since you facilitated my coaching/healing session. In just one valuable, impressionable, healing session with you I was able to let go of much fear and anxiety about my pregnancy, birthing and the responsibilities of becoming a parent. Your professionalism came across to me as kind and caring. I was able to trust you from the beginning. First of all you helped me to identify the fears and anxieties that gave me a sense of being paralyzed and out of control with my life. Secondly, after identifying my issues, you gave me the insight, tools and suggestions to embrace and deal with the wall of uncertainty and fear that I had created. I am so thankful to you, Anne, for helping me through this new life adventure.

— Hope D./ Columbia, SC

CASES and ARTICLES for Conscious Life Transformation

The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services offers coaching, training, products for conscious life transformation. We have served many clients world-wide and can share cases of individuals who have experienced life-changing events as they succeed in fulfilling their greatest dreams and ambitions.

Real Life Cases of Conscious Transformation:

  • A European client knew she might lose her marriage, family, home, and business if she didn’t step through her old childhood emotional patterns. Within three months she had created the life of her dreams.
  • This former manager lost everything when she encountered a toxic chemical at her workplace. After suffering fourteen years with environmental toxicity she now uses N-hanced EFT Energy Therapy to clear the energetic toxins that kept her body in auto-immune collapse, and she now is able to walk several miles, facilitate meetings, and gather in public places with others. She is re-claiming her life!
  • This savvy business woman became an accident magnet, and when people stopped hitting her car they began to run into the cars her family members were driving. Soon after we started working together the accidents stopped and then she proceeded to go deeper into issues that were blocking her success.
  • An attractive young woman with a neurological face twitch realized that she could let go of the stress causing the painful distortion and maintain its complete healing using Emotional Freedom Technique, and in doing this her entire life began to improve dramatically.
  • After just one session a health technician from Singapore realized that she was approaching her work, her employees, her friends, and her self in a critical analytical way that broke rather than built relationships. She learned techniques to focus on the most important aspects in creating human relations.
  • After two back-to-back live sessions of N-hanced EFT & NET energy therapy this manager let go of old emotional baggage and within a month he had started a relationship with the love of his life, won a multi-million dollar contract, and regained his drive to finish his doctoral dissertation. He attributes his shift in life perspective to doing his inner clearing work. He regained passion that had been blocked in his early life.
  • Listen here for an audio testimonial from a client:play

The Ariela Group offers wholistic business and lifestyle ideas and innovations as a service to you, our web site community. We hope that what we share inspires you to move forward to the next level in your transformational process. As we inspire, so we are inspired.

Articles for Conscious Living and Life Transformation:

Some of the articles included here have appeared in national and local newspaper columns, on colleague web sites, and in professional journals. New articles are added to update our web site readers of inspired new ideas for conscious, healthy, balanced life and “work” in the twenty-first century.

We hope you enjoy the variety of articles available to read here, in addition to those that can regularly be sent to you in our Conscious Living E-zine and Alchemist Anne Blog. The focus of Conscious Living is to share self-coaching techniques for awakening and claiming peace, love, joy in all aspects of your life. The blog includes regular musings of Coach Alchemist Anne Merkel that focus on conscious living, emotional freedom technique, applying the Law of Attraction, and other topics of interest.

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